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Liberation by Wearing (Takdrol)

“Along with the mindfulness engendered by wearing this mandala while alive, immense blessings emanate from the numerous sacred mantras inscribed on it, both during our lives and at death.”

The essential mantras of all the Secret Mantrayana tantras are arranged on the Liberation by Wearing mandala. A brief introduction to these mandalas is given in Anyen Rinpoche’s book, Dying with Confidence. The mandala can be worn while alive and is placed on the body at the time of death and burned with the body at cremation.

Mandala Anyen Rinpoche brought back a limited number of these special mandalas from his trip to Tibet last winter. They have also been blessed in the traditional way by three-year retreatants, along with fifty Rinpoches and three hundred monks who attended the Rinchen Terzod at Anyen Rinpoche’s shedra this past Fall. A small amount of dutsi, or blessed pills, are sent along with the mandala to be used during the dying process. They have been made from dutsi blessed over the centuries and collected by Tsara Dharmakirti Rinpoche, Anyen Rinpoche’s Root Lama. They include precious substances from Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal, and Longchenpa, among others.

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